Dartington Carillon Project


Carillon project founder Angus Noble has designed many world class racing yachts. Angus was one of the designers on the Team Phillips project which built the world’s largest racing catamaran in Totnes near Dartington.

Angus recalls that one of the most significant features of the Team Phillips project was the strength of community involvement – with huge numbers of local people coming to the project’s visitor centre every week.

To help meet tight deadlines relatively unskilled local people were recruited to help build the yacht – many of whom have gone on to successful careers in boat building.

For Angus, providing inspiration, work and training for local people were the most important and long-lasting benefits of the whole Team Phillips enterprise.

Drawing on this experience, we want the Dartington carillon to be a community built project. Large contractors will not be involved – local people will construct the carillon, workshop, visitor centre and foundry. The foundry will offer training and permanent employment opportunities.

Local people will be invited to join in the planning and development of the project from a very early stage.


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